Our Story

The Place
Glorious Forest Farm began in May of 2012 with the purchase of our 100 acre site in Madison County, North Carolina.  A plant and mineral rich area of Appalachia north of Asheville.
Our dream is to work with the rich plants already living in our region, while carefully introducing appropriate plants and animals to instigate a new sacred cuisine.   We are passionate about wild foods, wild foods nutrition, and plant and crystal medicine.
We are deeply inspired by walking in the Forest, foraging food, and incorporating it into ourselves and sharing it with our communities.



The People




 Amber is the woman behind the apothecary at Glorious forest, she is a magical concoctress of small-batch seasonal tinctures made from local plants and crystals, herbal infused honeys and wild fruit jams and wild food delicacies.  With her apothecary Amber offers a variety of earth medicine and natural products that inspire health and a deeper understanding of your own healing path.